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Certainly the bedrooms are cooler, but remember it is a zone heater not meant to warm the entire area of 1250 sq ft, although the bedrooms are not cold. Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on February 19, 2019: This article was published a few years back when EdenPURE advertised their heaters at $400. Well it depends on what version you get. The square feet/cubic feet issue comes from EdenPURE ads from a few years ago when I wrote the original article. 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Think about it, if you heat with gas you turn this thing on and turn the gas down then the increase in your electric bill well more than makes up for what you save on gas. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. If 1500W goes in, 5118 BTU comes out. While at home he is not acting as an agent of the business so his actions were not in conflict with his duty of loyalty or notification. This means it produces 5118 BTU of heat. Unfortunately, the Eden Pure ad does not lie. I am glad you enjoy your EdenPURE heater. Furnaces. Consider Choosing a Different Electric Heater. Any typical portable electric space heater of 1000-2000 W will produce exactly the same amount of heat as EdenPure. Answer: You will need to review your homeowner's policy to see if this heater is covered. He had to pay 25 bucks to ship it. they sent me a RFH one it can to me in pieces they back cover was broken in several pieces. Received a reconditioned unit a week ago. Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. It doesn't mater what's inside the box. Some people still can't get it. My central gas system is currently broken beyond repair, and until I can install a new system, I am heating every room with electric space heaters, and here in the cold mountains, it's running $300-$400/month (yes, I know, it's temporary madness). Heat Pumps are the most cost saving product other than using a fireplace.The japanese use several heatpumps to heat their homes they use one system for living room another for bedrooms this helps lower energy bills. I borrowed one of these heaters from my Mom and it heated the whole back half of my house. Manufacturers of electric space heaters want you to believe that using one of their devices will lower your heating bill. If you look at the stats, they use far more electricity..the ones I just looked at on the Green Site do and they are not inexpensive. And Sylvania's bulb life testing, like all other lamp manufacturers, is performed in still air with infrequent on/off cycles (once a day to once a week). I purchaser 2 EP 2 years ago and they work fine in my 1900sq foot home.I bought them to stop those money grubbing gas companys.I read all you're complaints,and no one had the common sense to understand some people may just want to get the oil money suckers out of their lives. They are thu the wall units that look like AC units they are about 12k to 15k btu each.A heat pump is about 1 to 3 energy gain $1 in you get $3 out.Dont be fooled by the snake oil salesman. Question: Is any heater like this okayed by Insurance companies? We have found that if you turn the heater on and just leave it alone, it really does a great job. Another interesting point that only Delbert seemed to make is--- how much maintenance is required? I have a utility room in my barn that requires an electric heater. I have been in this house for 10 years, so in 10 years, I have spent just in those 3 months alone $15,000. Have tried it a few times since after unplugging it and the same thing happens, it will run for just a couple of minutes and it dies. Everything is on the website and on the adverts. The Edenpure is better than most electric heaters because Of how it creates its heat. Propane gas-burning fireplaces. EdenPURE sells their heaters all day long on their website for $247 plus free shipping so where you got your $400 figure is a mystery. A 1500-watt heater will produce at most 5000 BTUs. I just received an ad in the mail for a Comfort Furnace, Infrared Heater, that has all the same claims as the Eden Pure and selling for $329.00 (sale price) and a 3 yr warranty. If a portable electric heater serves your needs, a low-cost model will kick out the same heat as an expensive model. Now, if you doubt that I read that or that it can be true, the next one I copied and pasted for the guy who said 1500 watts is 1500 watts and will put out the same. Infrared heaters are efficient and fast, and can also be a good choice for fast zone heating as they have fans (with all the consequences I mentioned above). Cubic Feet/Minute is the best measure. They make for a much more comfortable room than ceiling fans. I did buy a small Pelonis ceramic heater 20 years ago for $100, and it still works. It is designed for heated or cooled air to go through only the vents of the zones you have on. EdenPURE Classic CopperPLUS Heater $272.00 $399.00 Best Sellers EdenPURE 3000 Whole House Air Purifier by AirFree $299.00 $374.00 EdenPURE GEN50 Infrared Heater $297.00 $399.00 EdenPURE GEN40 Heater $247.00 $447.00 EdenPURE Bio SpeedCLEAN Cordless Vac - Model XL200 $249.00 $299.00 EdenPURE GEN21 EdenPURE All Season Heater $279.00 $447.00 I am ashamed that, as a scientist I didn't think through the physics of Edenpure's claims. I'm currently waiting for my new EdenPURE 360, do you have an opinion about this one? So, that is where your decision lies if the small and inexpensive heater does not cost any more to use and will heat the same square footageDo you feel safe with the cheap one? Some of the comments by others state they have a comfortable house because the bought the heaters and they were 'comfortable'. You could heat an inner room to 70 degrees with the EdenPure for maybe $60/month ($0.15/kWh * 12 hrs/day * 30 days) while dropping the thermastat on the rest of the house to 50 degrees, reducing your heating bill by 40% (assuming avg temp outside is 20 degrees) saving $200/month on natural gas, thereby saving you about $140/month overall! Bob Vila was dropped by Sears for problems with post job problems and costs associated. Now she is crying the blues because she could have applied the outrageous price of the heaters and their exhorbitant use of electricity, to her regular heat bill. I bought BOTH the heater and the air filter. Frame homes use a radiant barrier as a film on the foam insulation on the outside of the home. The family film tells the story of Bobby Burkett (Huffman), the quarterback for Louisville St. Thomas Aquinas, a small catholic high school. If you read EdenPURE ads carefully, you will note they insinuate you only have to heat the room you are in. Has anyone specifically gone from a traditional electric space heater (ONLY) to an Eden and found an improvement in their electric bill? Asked store manager about the eden pure heater and when we looked online, the same 1500 watt unit is rated at the same 5000+ btu's. This actually makes their heater less efficient. Since the same heater at Amazon is under $100 my guess is they lowered their price to compete better. I don't know where the originator here got the cubic feet, but that is not from the EdenPure advertisiing. A btu IS a btu, weather you use oil, wood, propane, electricity, gasoline, kerosene, camel dung, or a candle to make the heat. The metal shell of a mobile home is excellent for transferring heat: summer heat outside gets in easily and in the winter inside warmth convects to the outdoors with ease. Please check with your Demand Response Aggregator for eligibility. Even a child knows that hot air rises. yes my electric bill is higher when i run the eden pure, but my gas bill is greatly lowered, my main furnance mainly runs during the day when we are a work, because i dont like leaving the eden pure running when we are not home. 600 Frontage Rd, Ripon, CA 95366-2003. I called the customer service number 1-888-294-0280 and never spoke to anyone after being on hold for hours and I even left my home number and they never returned my call after being assured they would call. I would not with a $20-$40 heater from one of the big box stores. A 50-gallon, 5,500-watt water heater with a .90 EF and an electricity rate of $.16 per kilowatt hour will cost $781 to operate each year. I have gas heat but use this at night to warm my bedroom, rather than raise the thermostat to heat the whole house. This article will examine the claims made by EdenPUREs manufacturer and expose their lies. They, too, use energy, but not . I've read enough negativity about these units I've decided to stick with name brands (Honeywell etc.) F0r reference, 1000 hours is about 42 days of continuous run time. This year, 2010, we noticed that the unit was not at all effective. It just says if you use an Eden Pure heater to do "zone heating"I you will save money. This guy can't read apparently. So, all is not equal definitely. This has been disputed. Smart Thermostats. He's doing this because he thinks its a good product and it is if used in the right situation. is too low you end up, cutting in a supply grill to bring the temp. With the economy and everyone wanting to save money, it is shameful that Mr. Villa put his name on this product. It claims 1000 s f for the gen 4 and it will do that just as well as most heaters. Its safer than most to. Divide watts by 1,000 to get kilowatts per hour. Since you heat all the air, nor just the first 12 inches off the floor, cubic feet measurments are required. Get them sealed (don't use 'duct tape', go to a Home Depot or other type store or your htg and A/c dealer or service person and ask them what type sealing tape or other to seal the ductwork). Every one I talked to loves there eden pure I going to get one this weekend worth it. These are the dimensions of a jail cell, not a room. I will never buy another one and will tell others not to, they are well overrated. I've had my EdenPure for over 10 years and it's still going strong. So people, please pay attention to this post and others like it and don't fall victim to this Biotech/Eden pure scam. Enjoyed reading all the above comments, all valid points, but with all the back and forth opinions, I feel like I've been watching a tennis match. You get what you pay for, and many manufactured homes do not put the quality into their heating systems, ductowrk, etc. As for bob vila. I bought the Gen4, have it in the living room in the center of the 1250 sq feet, and I have not turned on my heater. I often think these celebrities who endorse products do not really check completely into them. So reliability can be good or bad. Have i used them. Debra Breckenridge on September 20, 2011: I bought an Eden hearter last Dec. is way overpriced for what it does. Heating the ceramic creates a more even heat. Have sent emails to their c/s area but they never respond. I would rather have on sweats, even with another shirt under and be comfortable with my $200. Let me easily explain. Call now at (937) 773-8350 to schedule a service request today Furthermore, after you buy the first one they give substantial discounts on future purchases of any of their products. The person who stated the baseboard is just as efficient may be right about it being as efficient, but only in the sense that it heats the room. I own a 500 and a 1000,I have breathing problems,used kerosene heaters and about died,plus it cost me $90 or more to warm and leave my house and clothes reeking of kerosene oil!I used the 500 watt in fairly cold weather. He claimed that in 1997, while outside the governor's office in Austin, he overheard a conversation about "wanting to bury George W. Bush's Vietnam service record". I've purchased similar heaters at Home Depot, in recent years, for about &10.00. ritamarie , you're wrong on so many levels. The reason why you can save on your utility bill is because you only heat a limited area of your home instead of heating areas not in use. Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on January 20, 2012: Ritamarie, thank you for the lengthy comment. We tried their medium wings and a couple of the burgers. I also agree with your opinion on products sold by celebrities. It costs me about $2.00 per day to heat my house with Eden Pure. Qualifying programs are: Capacity Bidding Program (CBP)* - available for residential customers. I just needed to confirm that there hadn't been a major scientific breakthrough that makes free energy. the first home I woned was a manufactured home, and I first used zone-heating to beat the cost of heating the outdoors through the leaky ducts (until I repaired them, of course !) ELECTRICAL ENGINEER on December 16, 2012: First of all, 120vac appliances are very inefficient compared to 220vac. I called the order number 1-800-458-5614 and got someone and had to request a supervisor and it took a while but they got me one on the phone. Hi everyone . It's CFM rate is horrible vs. a fan forced electric heater. This heater will warm almost my entire upstairs, 1250 sq ft. Today, I had my central heat heat on 64 to try to save $$$ on my electricity. Heat from any 1500 watt electric heater will cost you $35.60 for 1 million btus of heat if you are paying 12 cents a KWH. Kromstraat 25 1.2, 2520 Ranst, Belgium. My house has two geothermal units in it, one went out the week of Christmas and I couldn't get anyone in to work on it. A good quality heat pump with good ductwork WILL outperform straight resistance electric heat. Cold in Northern Alberta on February 25, 2011: If you want negative comments about this heater , a simple Google search will fulfill your needs. Because heating up a room with electric heat is the most expensive way to do it, simply closing off furnace ducts to unused rooms would result in bigger savings using an EdenPURE, and it would not involve the cost of a new heater. Secure it to the basement wall using the appropriate masonry anchors for your foundation wall. The heater might be graet but at this time I don't want to take that chance just incase it is not what BOB VILA claims to be ture. Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on December 18, 2010: Joe T, I wrote this article after testing the EdenPURE heater. Reverse-cycle air conditioning is 300-600% efficient, which means that it can take one unit of electrical energy and turn it into 3 to 6 times as much heating or cooling energy. Installing a water heater replacement costs between $845 and $1,698, or an average of $1,271, for a tank-based unit and labor. (FYI: the same goes for room air conditioners.). A space heater with a linear source of infrared radiant energy in heat exchange relationship with a heat exchanger formed of copper or aluminum material. When I was 1st introduced to the Edin Pure, price of heating fuel was sky high. But using ANY space heater will lower your heating bill if you turn your thermostat down! The copper is pretreated to soften the copper . The heating element inside every electric heater is . Bill Burkett fights back A key player in the Dan Rather Memogate saga sends a letter to CBS, charging that its independent investigation destroyed his reputation and ignored the network's own . For your reference, I use Lasko heaters in my home and office. Any way, thank you. They don't claim it will save you money. There are millions of happy customers who are telling their friends. For example, an oil based electric heaterit is convection only. I was just about to order an edenpure heater. For those of you who have high summer bills, I saved $1500 over the spring and summer months by setting my thermostat on 80 degrees and using floor fans (not box fans, but those on a stand, those that put out a lot of air). A FEW YEARS AGO A CITY ELECTRIC INSPECTER TOLD ME SOMETHING THAT REALLY WORKS. The facade is added over the top without touching except for where fastened. do EVERYTHING that these $400 dollar SNAKE OIL heaters do!! THiS IS FOR JIMS COMMENT,IF U HAVE A HOT WATER HEATER THINK ABOUT WHAT UR SAYING IF THE WATER IS HOT U DONT NEED TO HEAT IT. FACT: Of course it will. Look at fuel price comparisons, you'll see that electric heat is by far the most expensive. It is an older model. I can prove that is nonsense in 3 seconds in my house. I remodeled a mobile home and replaced the insulation and added drywall. My heating bill was $30 month versus $90 in kersosene and the side effects it left.I had to install a heavier wire to carry the amp's but it worked when I needed a heavier heater(1000)I think oil companies will do anything to keep you hooked,my dad(81)spent $800 for a couple months,got a few heaters and saved a bundle. :). This Ken guy below me is an idiot and so are all those so called engineers that claim you get the same heat from any 1500 watt heater. The USA has turned into a scam hotbed. The EdenPure heater uses 1500 Watts. In fact, I had to get up and turn down the heat later as I was sweating. BTW, I did see a DuraFlame (the maker of the duraflame logs) had a heater with a description that was practically identical to the EdenPure and it was only approximately $225. Felt bad for the guy. If your 40,000 btu furnace is 80% efficient, it is releasing into your house 32,000 btus WHEN IT IS RUNNING. What else can I do? Geothermal Heat Pumps. They said they could not do a refund because it was past the 60 days and I said I thought the 60 day thing was for the smart people that decided they didn't want it, not for a DEFECTIVE product of which I have received 2 in a row.Anyway they refused to refund my money so I guess I'm just stuck with this piece of junk. Nothing wrong with EdenPure technology, it is credible, and the heater is as good as any other similar purpose heater (I only have hard time accepting its "ancient" design). I used to think Alex Trebec was an honorable man, but after seeing him and others like him offer this insurance that IS a SCAM for seniors, I have no respect for him. Download PDF manuals for your EdenPURE product. Edenpure heaters are CRAP. Your heating in the northern regions will typically average somewhere around $500/month. afl midfielder running patterns, did germany declare war on france in 2021,